A few words about us
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Ningbo Onward Industrial Ltd,located in Yinzhou, Ningbo, was established in 2012.Onward is an industry and trade business which specializes in party products,stationery, handcraft packing,office products and gift box.On 2016 year, we have bought the latest equipment,which have expanded our capacity.


“Partner Way, Easy Way” is the everlasting operation philosophy that Onward upholds.Since its foundation, Onward actively explores the overseas market.As a result, Onward products are sold to many countries, mainly to Europe and the United States.


Onward is committed to provide the quality products as per the world standards while prices will be kept competitive through the use of advanced equipment, modern management and quality process.Now is the network era,in order to advance with the times.We will  help our clients by serving as a drop shipping agent, manufacturing paper and packing solutions, providing top-notch quality control, and outstanding customer service to help facilitate business to consumer e-commerce and web-based business transactions. With over ten years of experience in the industry, we have developed the necessary understanding and the required expertise to help fulfill today’s global market place transactions effectively, efficiently, and most importantly, successfully.


The business model is simple – we provide an avenue for businesses to facilitate the sale of goods through e-commerce and web-based online shopping platforms like Amazon, eBay, and others. Throughout our time in business, we recognized the market void for a trustworthy, high quality drop shipping agent who can provide efficient transport and innovative packing solutions all in one.


As a one-stop-shop, Ningbo onward industrial ltd is specifically designed to cater to the needs of today’s online retailers. We fulfill shipments, facilitate Amazon FBA services, provide innovative paper and packaging solutions through our very own manufacturing services and warehouses, and expert quality control to ensure that the product ordered is the product shipped and received. To us, this exactly how business should be conducted.


Our customer base has grown over many years to include retailers and large companies .These win-win partnerships have been built on trust, and they are what motivates us each day to strive for continuous improvement in all that we do.

Company Details

Main Market

North America

South America

Western Europe

Eastern Europe

Business Type




Trading Company

Brands : ONWARD

No. of Employees : 20~50

Annual Sales : 800000-1600000

Year Established : 2012

Export p.c : 70% - 80%

Company History

Ningbo Onward Industrial Ltd was established in 2012.From the beginning of the establishment has been committed to providing customers with high quality products.

Even if we only a package plant at first.Through our effort, we start to purchase advanced equipment and produce our own products,Such as Gift Box,Storage Box,Magazine File,Party products and other promotion items.Now we have a stable customer.Our aim is sold our products all over the world.


At Ningbo onward industrial nothing is more important to us than gaining the trust of our clients by providing total and complete transparency in everything that we do. From the very beginning, we will establish a partnership based around these values. We will never leave our clients out of the loop when it comes to their products, their shipments, order fulfillment, packing issues, or quality control.

Finding success in today’s global marketplace revolves around long-lasting and trustworthy partnerships. Businesses are built on these successful partnerships, and at Ningbo onward industrial ltd, we endlessly strive to promote transparency amongst the global marketplace to help facilitate more effective business partnerships, business transactions, and business to consumer relationships. After all, businesses are built through loyal consumers – without trust and transparency, those consumers will seek out other businesses and services.

When it comes to e-commerce and web-based online shopping platforms, Ningbo onward industrial ltd is well aware of the risks that come along with data collection. We always adhere to the market standards for data collection and protection and are in full compliance with all necessary laws and requirements. To us, this is simply another aspect of providing top-notch customer service and quality control.

By establishing trust and transparency, we are able to completely fulfill our mission and our vision each and every day.

Company Service

Our company provide R&D,Products testing, inspection service to ensure that customer have a better purchase.

1. We have our QC team, which can provide inspection service in Guangdong and Zhejiang province.

2. We can provide novel design and help customer develop new products that not only meets customer’s requirements, but is also functional, well designed, and more importantly, fit for purpose.

3. Communications is important so our clients know what the status is of their request, orders or shipments. It is our company policy we reply on any email we receive within 12 hours so clients know when we did not reply within that time the email did never reached us.

4.We work close with our clients and we see them more as being a partner. Many of our partners do have ideas and request we join them in a new product development. We are always open to discuss such ideas and opportunities.


5.We aim to help facilitate today’s web-based e-commerce business transactions through expert drop shipping services, innovative paper and packing solutions, and exemplary quality control and customer service. The world is moving fast, and the global marketplace moves even faster. In order to meet the demands of today’s businesses, we know that we must be at the ready at all times. Our ultimate goal  is to provide our services with a moment’s notice to help businesses succeed in today’s volatile global marketplace.


Our Vision

In Ningbo onward industrial ltd, we like to see ourselves as more than just a service provider. We see ourselves as an integral cog in the wheels that run to keep the global economy moving at a record pace. If we cannot fulfill our duties, we can negatively impact the global economy – and in our minds, that is totally unacceptable. We want to provide the services necessary to help businesses succeed in today’s e-commerce boom through exemplary service and outstanding quality. Our vision may be simple and straight forward, but to the team at Ningbo onward industrial ltd, we live by it and guarantee success for all parties involved.







Company Team

Our company have professional team of designer, merchandiser,sales and worker.Most of them have more than 10 years experience.We are working closely each other, which make our work more smoothly, and effectively.And we work as a group of companies to full fill our needs to make custom goods for best price and the stranded quantity.Most of  the products done by ourselves and it make your product cost effective.


Ningbo onward industrial  is fully confident in our dedicated team of shipping, manufacturing, and customer service experts. Dedication is amongst the top qualities of every one of our team members. Finding success as a business in today’s marketplace is never easy, and without dedicated partners like Ningbo onward indeustrial, it can be even more difficult.

For that reason, we have worked hard to develop the very best team built around expertise, knowledge, creativity, personability, and dedication. We will never stop working until our job is done. With every order fulfilled, every packaged shipped, and every shipment checked for top-notch quality, we help to ensure that our clients’ businesses remain competitive and successful in today’s ultra-competitive marketplaces.


Throughout our time in business, we have been fortunate enough to transform ourselves into an all-in-one e-commerce service provider. Our team, from our executive board down to our full-time workers have all been working in the industry for a number of years, with most of them having extensive manufacturing and warehousing experience.


Combined, the team at Ningbo onward industrial ltd has over ten years of experience working in a modern day large-scale factory or a modern day large-scale warehouse. In addition, our team is comprised of e-commerce experts and order fulfillment specialists. We have exactly what it takes to ship orders efficiently and accurately.


Four years ago, we opened our own paper products manufacturing center in Zhejiang Province, China. This cutting-edge factory has helped us to expand our creative minds as we continuously produce innovative paper and packing solutions for international product shipping. This recent expansion has further facilitated our ability to become a major market player within the industry, and a major international drop shipping agent.


Just like our team at Ningbo onward industrial ltd, our facilities are built to embody modern day innovation. In today’s business climate, businesses are constantly seeking the most cutting-edge and innovative solutions to address their needs and concerns.



Address: No.837,95 business Masion,598 Jiangnan Road,Ningbo,Zhejiang province, China